The Making of Chivas Regal x Kris Wu - "Success is a Blend"
Leaded by Gravity Film, a production house based in Singapore / Shanghai, the director  - Ernest Desumbila, DP - Oliver Millar and EP - Rowena Yee, Bullet Production house had a chance to support them fullly from pre-production to on-location shooting in Bangkok City. 

With the time constraint, Bullet Production had to perform each tasks in a well-planned and several back-up team. Starting with a task to arrange escort team, exclusive path for Kris Wu himself and his chaperone team from first step on Bangkok to the taking off of the plane, we ensured there was no hiccup inccident. On shoot, a few hour with the celebrity to get all the shots as the director planned was challenging yet arrangable. From basketball field scene, rooftop, set up studios, we fnished the day shoot in timely manner with support of skillful camera team, art team and all. 

From hours and hours of shots we had done, they appeared to be seen a few second in the finishing film. Yet, it was a grateful process. The remarkable selection of the cuts and editing tells the story stunningly.

The successful film all come together in pack, it's truly as the film titled, "Success is a Blend". It's the glory of production support we are proud to be a part of it, to work with multi-national team, to gain more friendships in a couple weeks process.