"Tales From The Box" - Zinus 2018 campaign

A town total built with cardboard papers? No problem!

As soon as Bullet Bangkok got assigned to support a production house from LA to build and to shoot for Zinus commercial 2018, we were all excited and looking forward to the dates like having a wedding party. In a studio an hour out of Bangkok, I spent three days observing the calm art team, 15 - 20 manpowers at 2 L shape tables face down, hands on, focusing each pieces they were resposible for; gluing cardboard books, home furniture, attaching leaves on the trees like a spring season. Surrounded by finished pieces scattered on the ground, and five cardboard houses, this studio looked like a full-on construction site except, we wouldn't get injured if any of these fell on us. The results we see today is absolutely amazing as the storytelling style Mr. Matthew Cullen made it look so magical.

There are several series all together; "Stargazer", "As Good As love", "Special Delivery" and "Odd Couple" and more.

We won't be able to deliver this master piece in time for the shooting on the next morning if we didn't have this superteam like Saint Art Co.,Ltd. Imagine the directors demanded for a cool mobile phone, a Chinese takeaway dinner or even a popcorn bucket, and 5 mins later they were right in talents hand ready to roll the camera! The team are on spot and so creative and fast!

Thanks to Matthew Cullen, Vanessa Marzaroli. and the entire team from U.S. for trusting us and gave Bullet Bangkok this great opportunity to support your creations.