Behind the Scene - Mother's Day Shooting

Just before the national Mother's Day event, our Bullet Production had received the pitch for a challenging project to seek out real moms and real kids to be in this charming film for mother's day. The process of working had been overwhelming since the timing for pre-production was limited. Therefore, we did rely heavily on the full force of top team to be with us in making it happen on time. The sentimentality was not there yet, it was all about #makingithappen. And then, on the shooting day, moms and kids were separated all day for that expecting impact. The kids interview session was non-scripted answers which help reflected their innocence and true feeling about their mothers. When it was the queue of that impact scene, the surprise shot which had only one chance - "one take only", the producers, translator, assistant director and director who stared in front of the monitor looked freeze at the moment the moms brought into the room. Kids were briefly prepared to just hold the right signage and waited for their moms patiently while moms had no idea what's behind that door. And here at the sec; 1:41 - 2.08...

After the balloon falling - moms appeared to react as expected and impacted to the entire crews. I secretly glanced to see the men's red eyes as mine was myself blinded with watery ones. It was a relief, as well as the sentimental feeling of being daughters/sons themselves. WE MADE IT! Letting them be themselves were the challenge yet achievable shoot.

Happy Mother's Day to the mothers and the children of them all.