The Insight of The Making of "ROV" by DIR. JULIEN

Julien's direct experience in his vfx career from gaming, tvcs and film projects over the last 15 years, plus being the gamer himself has set his vision and intensive comprehension on both sides as the creator and the user. These advantages of built-in skill set and personal passion has combined to create "ROV" gaming ad's direction intrinsically. Yet, tvc production is not always smooth while there are various factors and parties to "Make it Happen".

During the casual chat with Julien in his house where his wife and lovely twin children were chilling after dinner, I caught the proud and achieving vibes flying around the room. He told me the concept of making this fantasy game into approachable commercial content by creating linkage to audiences and the story's heroes. The most important aspect was core focuses to achieve it while there are challenges in timeline and budget. He has to overcome those challenges with Bullet production and CG team to deliver the commercial efficiently.

Firstly is to seek for the wireless, clean look location with high rise buildings were of course hard to get in Bangkok City. Though, the location team worked the network out to be able to shut down and shoot for the first time at "Bond Street". The impossible was yet possible during the weekday busy street. Wardrobe and talents selection to best fit the semi fantasy, yet approachable modern look were a careful decision making.

Plus,to complete the total story with visual effects in tight deadline. Working with the super team at BACK post house, the team he was familiar with sound like an advantage, however it was somewhat quite a challenge to the director and the team themselves especially with the detail-oriented and determining director within limited timeline.

Yes, It's easier to say "Make it Happen" than to do. After all, the team has pulled it out successful.

Congrats to the clients and agency, about a week after the launch of this tvc throughout various platform, the sales have increased 10%!! The outcome were the happy ending of the entire process.