Blast From The Past: A Film That Help Cities Operate More Efficiently by IBM - "Think"

It was the ground breaking exhibition in honor of IBM centennial year at Lincoln Center, New York in 2011 projected tech content in several interactive multi - platform, but the core content was this 14 mins film (directed by Mathew Cullen) showing data collecting technology which improved the world. Though most of the works at Bullet Bangkok mainly has serviced the creativity on commercial side, once we got involved in a film that help the world works better, we remember and the story has been told through team after team. The footage had been used to describe how data collecting technology help in solving busy traffics. And of course, Bangkok is the location to portray traffic congestion.

Bullet is not only supported Mirada Production on locations, but also the local affairs to fly a helicopter over Sathorn intersection in the busiest time. Three vertical monitors of Dove la Meduza were used to capture the moment. (There was no such thing as drone back then.) The red, orange and green circle on top of vehicle indicates the speed data; from moving in low to zero speed.

Not knowing if such helpful data analysis tech is used for Bangkok city, but we highly hope they are and develop progressively.