Derek "Dice" Nguyen

An award-winning filmmaker featured at festivals like Cannes and by organizations like Panavision and Variety, Derek captivates his audience with heartfelt narratives filled with magical realism. With a strong focus on art-design and nostalgia, Derek's colorful and emotional storytelling shines through his work whether it's in music videos or branded content. With a diverse background from serving as a Head of Production for Lamborghini, Porsche, and McLaren Philadelphia to directing diverse branded content in Southeast Asia, Derek’s directed dozens of films, music videos, and branded shorts.

Derek's primary goal is to push underrepresented stories to the forefront. Traveling through Europe, Central America, and Asia, Derek’s collected stories from all over the world. These include surviving emergency motorcycle crash treatment from a countryside doctor, talking his way out of Mexican jail, and sacrificing a water buffalo on the top of a mountain. Finding beauty in any story, Derek strives to film and share them with wide audiences.

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